How to secure api & App

I made app using api.
But user can see all api url using 3rd party app. They get all information about api, method used, token, authentication token. And then they call api without using app.
Now i want to secure app where nobody can see see api /web url.
Or there any proguard extension?



You can use Obfuscated Text Block in Blocks > Text > Obfuscated Text Block

But be careful this Block is not much secure

You can use my method
get Half api from Airtable and Half from Firebase

Nice Idea :joy:


@PapaNoob63 it is not much secure
@maddevs may u please tell us which type of api u want to hide or using?

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i want to hide http request, where nobody see my HTTP request using any decompile apk, or any other 3rd party apk.
i want to using proguard which help me protect my URL call, nobody can access app if he/she enable any 3rd party app/method

i am not use firebase or airtable. only using api.

So you can use obfuscated text

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In community there Is extension for it

Search it or wait for me to edit my post :smile_cat:


See this extension :point_down:

This is paid extension or search more for free one

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