APK compilation. Need a solution!

Hello everyone.
I know there are other posts on the topic, but I would like someone from @Kodular to provide an explanation for not being able to compile any APK for several days now. Please, I am a PREMIUM subscriber, and I don’t understand what’s happening. Always the same message:
" Error: Link has timed out"

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Sadly, you’re just one of scores of premium members (and even more free members) who are being let down big time by @Kodular rolling out a broken platform update and refusing to answer community posts and email enquiries about it.

It’s completely unacceptable to push an update that is clearly flawed and then not have the decency to keep users up to date with progress of fixing it (in fact, they haven’t even acknowledged that there’s an issue yet). Almost every user of the platform will be affected by these problems, it’s far from a few isolated cases.

Even if Kodular staff just said “we’re aware of these issues, we’re working on a fix and we hope to have things resolved within X days”, that would be a start; that would at least enable us to plan our own work and timescales around it. But right now we are all left in limbo with broken apps and/or apps that cannot be compiled.

And if Kodular is not able to fix the various issues quickly, they should seriously consider rolling back the platform update so at the very least people can still develop, test and produce fully functioning APKs, even if they can’t publish them to Play.


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