Kodula taking too long and doesn't compile

It stays here on this screen for around 20 minutes and when complete the 404 error says that time has expired.

What’s happening, I’m premium and I shouldn’t be going through this.


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Boy, how many months will this thing take to regularize so that it can compile the apk?

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This is immoral, we pay to use it and we can’t use it


Agreed. Problems happen, we get that. Updates to the platform can sometimes bring with them errors, that’s OK. What’s not OK is the fact not a single @kodular member of staff has come onto this forum to acknowledge users’ issues and confirm that works ongoing to resolve them. That is disgraceful. I am gobsmacked that they can just drop an update like this, one that has flaws affecting so many users, and not even post one message to reassure users that problems are being worked on.

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It’s taking a long time to compile, and when it compiles and we go to download it, it says that the time has already run out. Not to mention that it doesn’t even compile miraculously (.aab), this is revolting, since we are subscribers and have no support. No explanation is given, we are simply left in the hands of those who call themselves “developers” and programming geniuses, and they are unable to explain why so many days went by without solving the error.


Another day with nothing being resolved and with errors after errors to compile the apk… 7 days already!!!

And what does the team say??? Nothing, the only one who came to answer me said the following… Be patient.

I ask you how to have patience in 7 consecutive days???

9 days and the problem continues… but the credit card bill has already arrived.

Contact your card-issuing bank and ignore the payment. If the bank accepts the claim, it will immediately cancel the transaction, cancel the debit and refund the payment.
Stripe will generate a dispute between the parties.

12 days and everything remains the same
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