App download, install but

Hi, I am new in Makeroid, before used appInventor.I brought my apk on makeroid. I install it but after installing it I find the boot button disabled. I go to see in the home of the tablet and the software does not appear. Then I go to the Tablet setting (Android 7.0), the APk exists but does not appear on the Start screen. What did I do wrong? How can I repair?

Thanks for any help

Can you send APK to us?

Hello, I have the some problem. I use an Samsung S8 with Android 8.0. I can supply the APK if needed.

Please send APK, so we can test it.

Do you have a special email adress or upload?

You can start a private message with me.

just resolved

If you have got the answer share it here on the community, it might be helpful for other users too.

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