App Inventor + Kodular Planned Collaboration

Congratulations team Kodular for the collaboration :tada:

Hoping for the best!!! :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:


Migrate from: MIT App inventor > Sketchware > Thunkable > AppyBuilder > Makeroid (Kodular) :+1: > (Again)App Inventor 2
Really Miss Kodular Creator and Special thanks to Kodular Team for Best Service in past years.


Kodular Creator is Great , i am not truly satisfy with this migration


App inventor ui dont apply material design :sob:

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Uh…well, it is about to be.


@Diego After this collaboration is done, when we move our projects to App Inventor, will our Custom Package name have to be changed? As you know, we can’t set our Custom Package name in App Inventor at the moment.

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The feature for changing package names would be enabled, you most likely will have the same package name. Don’t migrate now as a lot of features are still nonexistent in AppInventor.


Thank you for your reply. But it would be nice if Diego confirmed it.

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@Gordon_Lu is right. As mentioned above, all projects will be able to get migrated to App Inventor preserving all the features.


I don’t know if this is good or bad news for developers like us. I have many apps live in Play-Store, lots of work to do. My suggestion is to keep the premium plan and enable us to monetize our app properly with the AdMob extension. The rest depends on the team.
monetization is very important to earn and to stay alive :slight_smile:


I am extremely excited about this collaboration but I have few questions

  • What will happen to source , will the kodular’s code become opensource once it merges with ai2
  • What will happen to community (Will it merged or be deleted ) and extensions
  • What will happen to prokoders and mods and the (That have contributed so much to kodular but not to ai2 what will happen to the level of the memeber)

AppInventor is a free and open source platform. Any additions to AppInventor must be open source.

I believe Kodular and MIT are discussing to archive the community after this collaboration; I’m not sure yet.

I’m thinking about this question as well. Some ProKoders contribute to Kodular a lot previously but do not talk much now. It would be unfair for them if their privilege is maintained, but it would also be unfair for other users who have worked even harder.


AppInventor is a free and open source platform. There will be no premium plans for AppInventor.

For monetization components, I believe I talked to Diego. AppInventor is mainly for education and not for commerical uses, so probably monetization components will become extensions and will not exist natively. However, this may not be true in the indefinite future.

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The following text is deemed a bit off-topic after some reviews. If you wish to read it do proceed, I'm just leaving here for a later stage.

I would like to express my concerns related to ProKoders and whether they can still maintain their privilege after the collaboration. Sorry if this offends anyone, I’m just expressing my concerns and being a bit critical. The following data is for 45 of the 47 ProKoders who I can get data because of 2 who have hidden profiles.

  • Among this range, 75.6% did not post in 2023 yet. 26.7% of them didn’t even post in 2022.

  • Among this range, 51.1% didn’t even visit the community in 2023 yet. 8.9% didn’t even visit the community in 2022.

  • Among this range, 53.3% have less than 10 minutes of recent reading time.

  • Among this range, 33.6% posted less than 500 times.

Therefore, in my opinion, after the implementation, there should be another group for users that actively contribute. If they do not contribute after they earn their privileges, their privileges will disappear just like TL3 granting in Discourse.

The ProKoders group is good, but a lot of ProKoders disappear in the community after they earn their badge. The ProKoders badge was last granted in April 2021, missing a lot of users who actively contribute, like @Still-learning.


Is this means that Mit App inventor will be similar to kodular with all features and components

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Please read the previous posts, as this as be mentioned a lot of times.


Let me know an estimated date possible, when this gonna happen?

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Please read the topic before you post next time. It is mentioned that this will happen next year, as pieces and pieces of the Kodular project will be migrated to AppInventor separately.


Agree with you.

On Kodular community or AI2 community?

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After migration to AppInventor Community; based on my statistics, I believe all ProKoders have to be checked to see if they are active and whether they can still have their privileges.