App Inventor + Kodular Planned Collaboration

I read somewhere that Kodular admins are discussing about archiving this community. So, I think it is up to AI2 admins to either provide Power User badge to Kodular ProKoders or not. They can definitely use your statistics of Kodular’s ProKoders.

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Now it’s clear…

questions regarding app development will end up moving to MIT App Inventor Community, but we think Kodular Community will still be useful somehow.

What will we discuss on Kodular Community then?

That’s not true. As the message above says, we want to keep our community active.


Congratulation :tada:

It’s amazing to see how far you’ve come since the release of the first version of Makeroid at the time !
This is like your ultimate goal of making a better AppInventor is now fully achieved :heart_eyes:

Back when I first discovered Makeroid, I would never have thought that it would have a such big impact on my life and on the whole AppInventor ecosystem :purple_heart:


Its great to hear about the upcoming collaboration, and as you said a mammoth task like this would take time and we are all eagerly patient.

but what about the immediate state of kodular? can you provide us a timeline for upcoming changes to
kodular? will the basic components be fixed? would you guys considet removing the extension limit?

and since you are embracing the free model of app inventor, will you guys consider making truly free?

future looks bright with this initiative, but hope you guys sprinkle some bug fixes on kodular while we are getting there :smiley:

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Why not adding themes? like current Kodular UI in app inventor? so all users of kodular will not face unfamiliar UI of app inventor? but all servers resources merge to App Inventor?

if possible add “Aia to android studio project” to make this platform or in future known as App Inventor best no coding platform & also launch a game development platform just like current one for apps

Please read the topic before you post next time. The Kodular UI will be available in AppInventor, but this will happen after the collab. Currently the collab hasn’t started, it will happen next year.

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So i did a quick migration from the kodular creator to the mit but my app crashes instantly, cannot find pages i created sono cannot use it in the new mit app creator

When is this going to happen? We are targeting this coming year for the beta release of this next version of the App Inventor platform