Switching mit app inventor to kodular

hello, i asked before but i didn’t get the answer so i am asking again (in case you find this as a spam).

so, after i switch mit app to kodular, i got so much error like these things. idk where and what’s wrong bcs its my first time using kodular and mit app. can anyone help me?

i put the aia file here
reinapp1.aia (4.1 MB)

You should switch from one platform to another platform only when Kodular itself announces that all its projects are OK to migrate.

start your project from scratch in Kodular or stay at MIT App Inventor, see also the announcement

and concerning your error “The operator AddMonth cannot accept the arguments”… as the error message is telling you: your second argument is “not found”, which will not work…

try a numeric value as quantity

PS: and next time rather than a bad qualaity photo please provide a readable screenshot