App is unnecessarily asking for location permission

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This is only happening on the Google Play Store.

My game is unnecessarily requiring location from users even though I haven’t incorporated any feature like that. Although in the game itself, it doesn’t need the location as I never got a permission prompt. Seems to be related to new/updated libraries

Steps to reproduce the issue

Shouldn’t require permission at all

Doesn’t require location permission in app, but in the Google Play Store, it’s showing as it needs location permission. Check attached screenshot

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Android version


Can you post a link to your game please?

which components and extensions do you use?

App ask for location due to ads also . But I am not 100% sure
sometimes only they ask for this else it also because of extensions …


yes it is because of ads

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Just the ones you made and other kodular components. Nothing from outside

And they are?

Update: So I digged deeper to find the problem and am 95% sure it’s StartApp ads requiring location. The worst thing is that I am not even using StartApp ads and yet it needs ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION and ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION. The coarse one is considered as dangerous by Google and has pretty strict policies about why an app needs it. My app got temp taken down after the Eagle update, as it’s preinstalled automatically and I cannot get rid of this particular library
Other people should check their apps too if their having the same problem

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Ah my bad! It’s Taifun’s taifun extension. The others are just in-built Kodular features like Admob and unity ads extensions. Had admob and unity before the Eagle update and never had any problems. It’s only after the Eagle update when literally all ads library are pre-loaded automatically and location issue arised.

He has a lot of extensions but none of them is called taifun :sunglasses::grin:


This one; Taifuntools
And I am not using any functionalities of this extension currently since the new version (Eagle) fixed what I was using this extension for.

sorry, but this is not correct
the TaifunTools extension does not require any permissions



I know, that’s what I am saying. I am very sure it’s StartApp library causing all the trouble. A simple apk analysis gives you all the info. The sad part is it being installed automatically along with many other ads sdks

Same problem here although I don not use that extension and neither anything related to location

we probably could say more after you provided a list of the components and extensions used in your project…


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I have used labels, cards, buttons, arrangments, Material Card View Extension, Onesignal Send Extension, Colin tree list view extension

My guess would be this one.

But the same aia compiled with Kodular Draco was not requiring it.
But With Eagle even the 4.0.1 it is asking for location

megsha17 You should check if you enabled the consent developement mode , it asks the location pemission

How do I check that? I tried but couldn’t exactly find it!