How can I understand which component is requesting a particular permission?

Hi, everyone
I was recently notified that I need to remove the location permission from my application otherwise, on March 29th my application will be removed from the store.
(Read more about it here)
I do not need the location permission in my application, but there are a lot of components and extensions in the application and I could not find one that requests the permission
Is there a way I can figure out which component is requesting each permission?
(I thought it would be nice if they added such an option on this project analysis site: Unchive )

You should find the permissions required by each components in Kodular Docs.

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Generally permissions are listed under every component name(if they are using any) on
For example :point_down:


Of course, I am aware of the site but as I said I have a lot of components in the application, but I still searched for a lot of components that make sense to ask for such permission but did not find
Is the site up to date?

Are you using ads in your app? If yes then that may also be the reason for your app asking location permission…

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Yes, I use ads
Do ads request location permission?

I see that admob ads request location permission, but the user does not get a message confirming this permission

Yes, for example

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The truth is that I use Facebook ads :smile: (admob ads are only there in case I need an alternate ad network)

I don’t have any idea for this as I am not familiar with ads usage in app

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Kodular needs to remove this permission from Admob components
Otherwise lots of apps will be removed from the store

I see that the Amazon ad component is also requesting this permission.
How can we report this to Kodular?

Yes but since it is included in your app, it is requesting the permission

I guess they cannot because admodb requires location to show targeted ads according to the location (again, I may be wrong here since I am not so much familiar with ads)

Yes, of course

Well, you can take the Facebook ad component for example- I’m sure it knows what the overall location is (maybe not accurate but still)
In addition, Google is responsible for admob and Google has requested to remove this permission (unless this is the main thing in your application)

I helped as much as I could. I don’t know much other than this

Thanks for the help, I just removed the Admob ads from the app and now this permission is not in the app.
Anyway, I saw that there is a way to contact Kodular
So I’ll turn to them

Also for this :point_up: you can try using this :point_down: block

Of course, I know this well, but it’s another fact that there is no need for location permission because the ad component does not even request it.

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