App is unnecessarily asking for location permission

It is in Admob Ad Properties
But it has nothing to do with the problem

Where is the solution of this because same issue with my 1 game is family friendly but its need location access to my application updated rejected

What is the solution ? Peter

And what kind of components do you use

I am using admob intertitial ads network @Boban

You should really read the Kodular docs before posting

Btw, You know kids don’t want ads

But i see other applications on google play store withch without location access working fine with admob intertitial ads @Boban

Sorry, as ads is not my department I don’t know what to advice you to do, wait and see if someone respond you about this

Dear @Peter please tell what is the next step use because just 2 days ago i removal my commission and paid money . I don’t want location permission and i need admob intertitial.

You’re asking the wrong users about this, as I said

Neither I nor @Peter are using ADS

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This topic is created in August 2019 . Not respond ever. Than ?

In other words, nobody uses ads in children’s apps or that nobody knows what to do

I see some application on google play store with family friendly logo with no location access with intertitial ads

No any idea to i remove location access to my application

There is a way to remove that permission, that means decompiling your apk, removing that permission, compiling it back to apk

however, if your app is going to work after that, that I can’t say

Okay. But tell me in detail

You can refer to this guide

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Any online auditor available to i remove this permission without resources rebuild

@Jiks_Devloper There is no other way but to remove the permissions from the Manifest. So watch my tutorial as @Boban said and then adjust the Manifest by removing these permissions:

This may take a maximum of 1 to 2 minutes.

Please tell me how in detail. which software are you using

See here: