App keeps stopping after importing new screen

I recently imported a screen from another application, in Companion mode it works well but when I export in apk the application crashes when I arrive on the imported screen (but not when I arrive on other screens). Please help me!

Download your aia and check for abnormality

Sure but how ?

You can use 7zip to open archive

Is there a Macos version?

I see it’s a console version, if that doesn’t work use winrar

I can’t download these types of file on my mac, I’m sorry. Do you have an other solution ?

Sorry but no, any mac users in here, help if you can…

Ok so I downloaded the winrar app on my mobile and now I can open the aia file but the problem is that I don’t know what abnormality I am looking for.

Oh mobile, that’s even harder to work with (at least for me) not to mention not knowing what to look for.

So what should I do? I have to publish my new version of my game but it doesn’t work.

One thing that comes to my mind

Make sure it doesn’t contain 2 folders, e.g. below




No there is only one folder

Sorry, clueless on what might be wrong…

Ok thanks for taking the time to help me.

If you wish you can PM your aia so I can check it at my end.

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I found that by deleting two of your Lottie components on Home screen, it stopped crashing

@Kodular something to take a look at

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Also you have some leftovers from imported screen

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Not at my end, sorry :thinking: