App nor responding + App Stopped

App is Not Running either stopped or not responding!!!
(i m using a lot of airtable :airtable: component due some features not available that must be there)

i m also switch between layouts instead of screens. App Have just 2 Screens

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You’re using too much RAM.

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but makeroid don’t have his type of blocks in airtable


Why do you need that type of socket? Use the “do…return” control block to get that kind of block.

if we have to call out data of multiple coloumn in Airtable like this

how we can differ between the values of each column . the values from title and image column may get mixed as not block available like get column in about pre defined values

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is there any way to make it fast without hanging the App?

He can also use the evaluate but ignore result block, that always works too.

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sorry i m not able understand. Can u provide block image for better understanding

That’s the exact opposite of what he asked for. :joy:

Is it like this

if yes then what to add in that result block :question:

Nope, it’s at the bottom of the control block section

Bottom is this

i don’t think its here

:expressionless: evaluate but ignore result, it’s right there

That. Is. Not. What. He. Is. Asking. For.

For your implementation, I suggest using the Got value event to do what you’re doing.

When Screen.Initialize:
Get Column

Got Column:
(store the values in two variables)

After all that, in the Got Column handler itself,

call whatever.Type2
input (whatever) images (var1) content (var2) buttons (empty list)

Sorry that I was wrong. I was just to be helpful with some blocks in the Airtable.

Don’t worry, I myself haven’t used Airtable once in my life.


Bro that’s What i m already doing.

the problem is that i have to call values from 6 Tables at same time with all 2 columns and its can have data in thousands !! and its taking a lot of time and even app crashes by just loading 29 values from it .
The App is going to have Thousands of value. from each column in each table.

The main things is that Airtable loads values even fast but it take time to load images from the web serves which is consuming a lot of time