App Show unity ads after commission removal

It that possible to show unity ads after commission removal? because i started commission removal on 12th April and updated app on play store after commission removal, Today i check my app and it shows unity ads instead of facebook interstitial ads. please help.

I Can’t Find Anything!!

Yes, you can. Just read it.

I Read it. This is not answer of my question. My question is why my app show unity ads after commission removal

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We need more info, read what I sent.

This should not happen however, since I’m unfamiliar with ads and so on.

When you made your removal purchase, did you get any confirmation or info about it, what to do if something is wrong etc.

I can’t find anything sensible on support page regarding this…

I purchase commission removal from default Unity ads shows By Kodular. i purchase it by 7.25$ on 12th April for my one app available on play store for one month. So, as kodular commission removal system said my app don’t show any unity ads until 12th May. but today is 29 April, when i open my app at morning my app shows Unity ads. So, My Question is Why my app show unity ads after i purchase commission removal for my app?? Thank you for Understanding. Please solve this problem.

So you know, Kodular is notified regarding your issue…

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