App takes long time to initialize and if you touch it before complete loading it crashes

Hello great koders I using Airtable on this app but but I don’t know why it behaves different from other app which i have been using Airtable

On companion it takes 1 minute and 20 seconds but on live device testing it takes more than 3 minutes and to initialize and loads then if you touch it before complete loading it crashes.

See my blocks

Then this

It took 1 minute and 20 seconds

I touched the screen before complete loading

Please I need your help

Why are you calling the webviews ‘Go Home’ method under screen intialize event itself?

Hello @Vaibhav do you think that may be one of or the real only reason?

Yes because I think that as soon as the screen initializes Webview tries to go back without even checking if really it can.
Do one thing, for debugging purpose, disable all the Go home blocks and check again, if the problem persist

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Ok, let me check