My app has Airtable Database . It showing fine on Companion but Crashes when Installed

My app has Only 1 Airtable Database . And one TinyDB. It working fine on Companion. I can see the Data list and all functions working fine. but app does not opening and Crashing every time when I installed it and tried to open . What could be the issue ? Help please

How do you know that the problem is with your airtable?

I don’t know where from the problwm happeing . is it airtable ?

this is all blocks

It’s working perfectly on Kodular Companion .

Not all you blocks, just the screen you have called “list”. This is probably not a good idea anyway, not a reserved word (list) but could be causing confusion?

When does you app crash, when you go to the screen called “list” or before/after that ?

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yes when I go List. But it opened first 2/3 times then crashing.

Let me copy the screen and try again. I will update

Its working now. I have recreated the screen with new name.
Thank You very much for your Help. :slight_smile: :pray:

It sounds like you may also want to check your screen switching technique. If you do not switch screens correctly this can cause memory problems and app crashes.

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