App taking 48 mb after install

made in kodular …with 4 to 8 vertical scroll arrangements , some card views. one screen ,1 bottom navigation,1 grid view extension ,1 spreadsheet ,1 facebook banner, 2 admob banner,1 collin tree list view, 1 admob interstial,1 activity starter, inappUpdate ,push notification, 1 easy dialogue extension,1 notifier,

How big are your assets? My biggest app needs 25 MB when it is installed but it contains a large number of images. It is 8,4 MB as an apk.

total 26 mb

Then that is your answer. An apk will be installed/extracted on your phone. So see it as a zipfile containing all your app info.


i could not understood…pls explain

From personal experience:

I have noticed in my tester group the installed size differences

9.8MB Apk

Samsung J2 Prime (Android 6.0.1) = 49MB newly installed

Xiaomi MI8 Lite (Android 9.0) = 28.7MB newly installed

As you will see it is a difference something a little big

Paradoxical: Size is more on phones with less space :sweat_smile:


How can I reduced this size. Could this size leads to app crash. my app is crashing on some device as well.


And also how big in pixelsize.

how to calculate pixel size of asset. why this matters ?

So you can see how much memory is needed when you show your image. That is not related to filesize but to pixelsize. Maybe upload your aia here.

And you are not the first user who has this problem. So also search the forum.

Removed By Mod, Contains paid extension

aia uploaded pls check it here. And I also removed some assets. And Now assets size is just 24 kb after deleting 5 assets may it was in writing mistake of size written in this reply.


Tip 2

There is no point in deleting the assets if we have to take a look on how big they are.

did you check aia… ? its taking 30 mb size now on device . but its still crashing

What is there to check? You removed all the assets? What are the crash details. No info, no help.

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The image size / resolution is not your problem. But the app (launcher) icon should have a maximum size of 192x192 px. Yours (icon.png) has a size of 512x512 px.


So again …

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i m uploading to play store after reducing icon to 192 *192px .
lets see the the changes

sorry to late reply

pls check it

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