App testing in kodular platform is a big problem , please solve

please make a detailed video from scratch on how to connect via USB, I have seen many posts regarding connection problems via USB cable, in my case my problem is the starter is showing both devices are running but not able to test. and when I test via companion my connection breaks within 5 seconds only, I am connecting again and again repeatedly but my connection is breaking within 5 seconds only. The testing problem in the Kodular platform is a big problem for many users. I request Kodular staff to make a video tutorial or a note tutorial detailed about how to connect via USB cable
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I use LDPlayer v5 to emulate on the PC and sometimes I have the project connected to the companion all day and it doesn’t lose connection.
It is light, fast and stable, for me it is the best option, without cables and without using the cell phone.

OK ,thank you i also will try the LD PLAYER , after checking for a week i will give the review with in 2 to 3 days about LD PLAYER

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i am facing the same problem , itried LD PLAYER also , getting disconnected after few seconds only

then your application is generating a problem, some loop that generates an overflow or something like that

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THANK YOU @Gaston i will check all loops and logics in my app individually