Application closing problem in a 4-screen application

4I am trying to make an application with 4 screens. After navigating in the application, I want to exit the application when the back button is pressed on the home screen. But it does not exit, opens the previous screen. How to make correct screen opening and closing? I think I did it according to your description. I searched the forum and read how to do the right screen transition. Am I doing it wrong again?


change it into 19 and try,


BTW, any reason for setting into 23?

It works well with 19

I did. But when I press the back button on the home screen, it still does not exit the application. I have a problem with page transition encoding?

As I see your Screen1 is ekran1. Does above code works for you with Screen1 ? :thinking:

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According to his aia the screen name is Screen1.

On Screen1 then when back pressed he should use close application block


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was not able to solve the problem. I also disabled pressing the back button.

Try This Method , I hope it will be solved.

Try this test aia and see if it works for you. On every Screen besides Screen1 when you back press it redirects you to Screen1. If you back press on Screen1 it closes app. In order to test it you have to as apk because closing app is not supported in development

Close_4Screens.aia (5.5 KB)

Thank you. I’ll follow the recommendations once I get to the computer.

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