Closing application is not working properly

When I click on yes to close application after back press , previous screen named “graph” opens while I have closed all screen.What’s going wrong.
Blocks are here​:point_down:

Why you call to procedure2 when Yes is pressed ?

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I have tried without procedure 2 but result was same. I think previous screen should be closed so I use procedure 2.

I see some error on picture 1
Set Back pressed
If True them open another screen…
end close screen.

EDIT: Like this
blocks (9)

Choose Dialog button2 Text is empty set “No” or “Cancel”

No it’s not working, result is same

No logic to use it. I don’t want to show cancel or no .


Try this instead of Close Screen.

Why is not logic ??
I suggest show to the user to exit or not !!!

Star again you see notifer when back press ?

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Because what if the User Accidentally Pressed the Back Button.

Yeahh i say this for that reason !!
If you are using close aplication, for open app again you need tap two times over icon to reopen app. if you are using close screen need tap one time the icon to reopen you app

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But problem is different. Solve first the above problem. And I know there’s no relation of button 2 in this problem

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Problem is different don’t mix it

You export and install apk ???
Close aplication don’t work in companion !!!

No I don’t use companion.

This work for me !!!
crazy.aia (1.8 KB)

Check into after choosing the word “Yes” there is no space after s
In the picture there seems to be a space "Yes "

No, There was the problem in disabling timer. Now all is working fine.

Disabling the timer right before calling “procedure” Is working fine.
Thanks to @Kanishka_Developer


OK problem solved !!!