Apply only once for all the necessary permits

Hi guys.
I would like all the when to request a permission from the user and accept it the next time the user enters the window and has already accepted the permission before it is no longer displayed.

I want that if the user gave permission to enter the gallery, for example, the next time he will not tell him again.

And it does not matter if you closed the app or not, but I just want that when you reload or initialize the window that asks for your permission, it no longer shows it if I already accept.

Store the permissions in tinyDB. Next time while scree initialise check the tinyDB tag. If value present proceed for the next step

What form should that value have?
When I upload it to the play store, it won’t give me any problems because I don’t ask the user for permissions?

How you get this from the user? Show the block … we will guide you

These are not my blocks, but it is the same thing that I have to do, it is the extension to compress the images that you shared with me.

try this… So it wont ask permission from user every time
Sorry i did with paint , kindly adjust it

Given the permission has already been granted, it won’t show another permission request. No additional logic is needed.

So if I ask for your permission: example: “permission 1”
Even if the user closes the app and opens it again, it will no longer ask for “permission1”, because it has already been asked before?
Is this what you mean?

I understand what you want to get, but if the user closes the app and opens it again, it will ask for permission and all this because it is not saved.

Guys I think @hammerhai is right because if we look at the permissions that the storage or camera companion tells us, after closing and opening the application it no longer shows us these permission announcements. (If not, it is saved on the phone automatically (of course, later we can deactivate or activate them from / applications / permissions /))

@hammerhai ¿Estoy en lo cierto?

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Friend but that problem since 2020 is solved, they say it in the comments.
In the same way, a good contribution. Thanks!

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True: Storage read access - #11 by bodymindpower

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