App's layout look diffrent in diffrent screen size

no there are no error or warning

okay i think the error is related to variable. check all the variable in screen 1 and make sure you have used them in correct manner.

no there are no such things i checked

image check this one

This is the new blocks image have a look at it i have corrected all the variable

when i upload the external extension again to update it it gets updated and show me an pop up saying internal error occurred

do one thing. try to open this screen in companion and test all the features of screen 1 land if you get any error on particular action example you are trying to get a product but you are not able to see that product. similarly check all the feature. you will surely get one error and then we will know where the problem presist.
(also checck the functionalty of extension that you imported.)

external component is not working

ok now try to remove the external component and refresh the page after that again add the component then check if it is working.

No issue here


hello @Boban
i need your help regarding my app.( i know it is not related to this topic) but i couldn’t find any other way to tell you. actually i read a post in which you mentioned that you edited a apk and it fixed a users app’s respnsive error.

i am also having same error. my app looks good in my phone but i looks smaller in android 7 and in some version it looks bigger. i have read tons pf post and i concluded to set my apps’s component in percentage i did that. also i have enabled responsive in screen 1. please help me i think you can understand this problem that’s why i bugged you. sorry if you felt disturbed but i really needed your help.

Like you said don’t hijack this topic with a completely different question.


its been 7 months and i am still facing this issue has anyone got any solution. please share with me my app still has this responsive error even after setting everything percentage.

thank you

What’s the error… ?

tested device:

j7 max
k20 pro
mi 4a
oneplus 6

But this percentage method works perfectly for me. I never faced such issue.

but i am facing this issue a button looks perfect size in one phone and on other it looks bigger or small (hiding app content) depending on screen size. it is not auotmatically resizeing itself like responsive app should do.

Try it in fixed mode… may be it start working

Use in size pixell

Did you try this.

Did you post sample aia and apk of app.