Asynchronous zip or unzip file

In the past i was playing with zipping and unzipping with (File Component and TaiFunZip extension), i think any of them do not do it asynchronously.
Do anyone know one who can zip and unzip asynchronously?


Please can you better explain what you want to do.
Under what conditions do you need to zip or unzip the files ?
What have you tried ? (post your relevant blocks).

Thanks, but not to much to say, i have around 400Mb on zip file downloaded from my app, in order to store all files included to my app folder i need to unzip them.
When using unzip block of File component the android screen freez around 30s.
Ok it’s working with TaiFunZip without screen freeze. i did not found any information about Asynchronous on any blocks or on there docs so supposed it’s not and it was the problem. So the problem was just File componant.

of course TaifunZip works asynchronously…

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If your app need some ziping files you can start unzip these files (not all files)
And now if you app need all files to start you don’t have other options to unzip all your files ( and with 400MB obviously your app freeze 30 seconds with luck, i’m shure in old smartpones need more than 30 seconds )
For that reason i post:

Thanks, but if this page is the official page it would be nice to have it indicated or on the description block. Some extension do that which i think is nice to have.
@bestprintsf actually i do not need the files when app start, they are needed when user request it (offline audios).

well, if you have a method Zip and an event AfterZip, then obviously you have an asynchronous method…
everyone else who writes extensions and does not follow these rules should imho indicate, that it is not asynchronous…


Yes make sens.

So set when user tap (button or you have used) unzip only these file and play it. With 400MB to unzip maybe you can get out of memory error, keep this in mind. If the file are unziped don’t unzip again.

Sure the file should be unzipped only once.
I do not want to have to download multiple files, and extract single file from a zipped file (containing multiple files) i don’t think TaiFunZip can do that.

Taifun extension can zip and unzip a directory, so if you have many files into one zip file, all files inside are unziped.
Take a look to unzip directory screenshot

yes i hundestand that.
In your previous answer if i undestand you said to unzip only the files i need, then i said i do not know how to do that.
Unzip all files from one zipped file it’s what i’m doing currently, anyway my problem is resolved with TainFunZip extension (see solution Answer).

This should not be a standard, in fact I believe these “rules” are your opinion. There are many extensions that are not asynchronous and use event blocks to tell when something is complete or has failed. And you cannot hold developers to a standard when not everything has to be asynchronous.

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