Background color loading slow with KIO4_Gradient Color Extension

Hi, I am using KIO4 Gradient extension in my app to color the background of a vertical layout. The color is fine and no problems with that. But when the app is initiated/started, it takes about 1 sec for the background color to appear and during that time the default color of the layout is shown. I tried with different mobiles of different configurations, but all the mobiles show the delay in background color appearing.
I want to use this extension as it is and not use the image option as the background image for the layouts. It would be helpful if someone could guide me to resolve this.

Here’s a video showing the problem. The first page loads fine. The delay in loading the background color is on the second page (at 0:06 in the video). Don’t mind the delay in image loading. That is fine.

I have my blocks as shown above.

Post a screenshot of the blocks you use when second screen initialize

initializing blocks

In Screen’s properties do you use Open Screen animation or is it set to None ?

I have set it as ‘ZOOM’, not none

Set it to none and see if it loads faster

I did as you suggested. Sorry, but no change. Same delay as before

If you use only call gradient block when screen initialize do you face same behavior ?

yes, it’s the same result. I tried it in a new app. Same here.

Do you have enabled splash Screen in project settings ? Try to disable it.

Splash screen is disabled.

I’m running out of ideas :slight_smile: If you wish post your aia or a test aia that shows the problem here

Thankyou for trying. :+1:

I will try to recreate this in a test aia and will see to post here. My final app is already completed, just this background color delay is there. I think using a background image as gradient is the shortcut to take now for publishing it asap. Will post updates if I get it resolved.

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I had this problem too. I used 3 gradient colors. But I used the center color of the gradient as the background. Outcome. The difference is less noticeable.:ok_hand:

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That’s a nice trick. But I only use two colors. I’ll try to do something similar.