Background image size issue when we open keyboard or keypad

today i just started to create my new app and i notice when we open keyboard or keypad then app background image size is shrinking.

how to fix this issue? anyone have idea

Same thing happened to me… Whenever I open keyboard this happens… I also wanted to know how to fix this…

Is your sizing set to fixed? Set it to responsive.


i already tried both option but same issue

Set your screen scrollable.

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same issue

Show your aia please?

check your dm, i send you in dm because i don`t want to share aia with anyone not because i am selfish, i am doing this because my app is not complete.

Send your aia

What I know of it won’t work with screen background image, try if this works on your device ScreenBackgroundImage.apk (4.2 MB).



Continuing from what @Peter said in the first reply, in the designer view of Screen1, along with Setting Size to Responsive, also Uncheck the Show Status bar option and try again.

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Your provided apk when installed, shows open button disabled :point_down: Please check

Sorry it was because of this bug.

Apk updated in previous post.


in your app background image is not shrinking how?

Sorry for the delay, this worked for me.

This also works



A similar problem, but what if I want to leave the status bar in the application?