Barcode Scanner Flashlight


is there a way that when you open the barcode scanner, the flashlight turns on automatically?

I already know the option with the volume buttons.

Thanks in advance!

When barcode scanner open(or clicked) just set flashlight to on.

Set flashlight off, in the when barcode after scan block

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Yes use this extension by one and only @Taifun

Here is blocks :-

Thank you but this does’t work.

When I copy your blocks exactly, the scanner opens and the flashlight activates but it doesn’t last a second until it automatically deactivates again.

How you got camera permission :point_down:t2: This Like ?

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I have already tried with the code. Unfortunately it does not work either.

According to the settings, the app has the camera permission.

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Yes cause after scan flashlight is set to off. If you do not want flashlight to turn off at that point try to delete that block.Flashlight should be stay on


Even without the block it happens…


You cannot use blocks it seems for flashlight to ON .


Okay, not ideal. Thanks anyway.

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Nothing clicked by mistake and posted here

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@AlexAT have you tried this extension instead ?!


he can use scanner given in the aix

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