Barcode Scanner

Hello, I would like to know if I can use the barcode scanner to link barcodes to pictures in my phone storage, its that possible? or only work with URL to a web? thanks

when user scan, that will not found that picture which is in your phone, bar code generate code for any text , but other will not found that picture because that picture is in your phone, and that code will work for you only.

Do you mean that when you for instance scan a barcode that contains the number 1, you want to display the file 1.png in an image component?

Yes, anda that image is un my cellphone storage, os that possible?

Yes that can be done.

So if you have a qr code that says 1.

And you use these blocks.

It will display the image in your assets with the name 1.png.


This “join”-element is powerful. I have to learn and learn. I should not make a month-long break anymore

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Excellent, I will try it later, thanks a lot.

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