#BDW Music Streaming App (Play Online Songs and Download ) Music Player App Beta Version

im using MYSQL, so i store all Tag for every search form mysql using ‘LIKE’ query.

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thank you for using

keep up the good work



Thanks, @Taifun for making a very useful extension for us.



Update Feature

1.Play Offline Music
2. Treading List
3. Control Music From Notification

Request to you

We try to do the best UI, Feature, and Music Also, Please Use this app and find bugs to improve the system and error and Some features are disabled because we are working on this. you can also advise us to add features also. Please use this app.

Download link:

Download NOW

Thanks to all how helping me to improve the app.

Nice ui. Good work.


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I am having issues launching this new version after logging in with Google I receive this error:

can you tell me your phone model number?

Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android OS v9.0

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no, I can’t.

thanks please test my app.

The app is awesome… but I really need to know how did you created a Control Music Notification?

You can use this extension.

Really many thanks … I will try it in my apps

How could you create a pop up menu like this that overlay the application? and pops from buttom

Use Bottom sheet Component for that.


I will give it a try thanks @Maayur

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Awesome App
Can you help me with this i also want to make a similar app

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