Beginner's guide: Text blocks

You can use devices utilities parse method.

Text = Your text
Starts = " three "
ends = “”
if not found = (Any string)

It might works. If not, you can join some special characters after the text and type the characters to the “ends” parameter.

Second method using replace text.
replace text = you text
segment = "one two three "
replacement = “”


You could use the split text at block image. Plug in three. It will result in a list.

Then use image with index 2 to get

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How do I get just a certain amount of letters?

Example: I have a list with 5 names, each name contains 15 letters, then I just want you to show 6 letters and then the three points.

How is it:
Real Estate

How I wanted it to look:
Casa “Imob …”


Use 1 in start and 6 in length. You will get first 6 letters of text. Then add dots into it by join blocks…


If it’s not too much to ask, could you show me en bloc? I use variables to store the text in the list.

Here are the simple blocks



I’m trying to put more than 8 and the error.

Segment: Start (1) + length (12) - 1 exceeds text length (8).

Obs: I was noticing my list, it only pulls the size of the first item on the list that has exactly 8 letters. How do I remove this limitation of 8 letters.

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I don’t think I saw that

Create a loop for your list, check lenght of each word and if >12 then segment text

If it’s not too much to ask, could you show me en bloc? I use variables to store the text in the list.

Try something like this


It still keeps giving error. I’ll share the screen if you want to do a test.

TESTE_CERTO_Screen2 (1).ais (479 Bytes)

Can not import your screen , please post your blocks here and use Do it to debug them

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Thank you very much, after having a coffee and having more patience, I managed to solve the problem. Thank you very much!

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Why isn’t if combined with any of the blocks for Text

If and else if tests a given condition. If the condition is true, performs the actions in a given sequence of blocks, otherwise, the blocks are ignored. So the if …then block will combine only with blocks that result true or false for example from text blocks you can use the followings


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There are some blocks that you can not ride on, like the one in the picture

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Those blocks do not return true but you can use them in combination with others blocks



I really enjoy this guide, it’s amazing and it always help me a lot when I have any doubt about some specific text block. Congrats and thank you for sharing your knowledge and being patient to write it to guide us through.

Well, I have one doubt about the “Replace All Mappings” block on my project. I’ve been trying to implemment it in my Search ListView With Images but since my data is pretty large (more than 700) it starts lagging and take some time to show what the User is typing in the TextBox.

Here are my blocks:

Dictionary of Characters Replacement

Action to Replace

I’ve tested it in a shorter list (50 entries) and it works fine, but it does not work fine in a bigger one. Is there any other solution? Is this the right way to do it?

Thanks in advance! (Tell me if I have to create new topic instead of asking here…)