Best alternative of Firebase is best alternative of Firebase.Can anyone make extension of this database.


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you can mention the price you would pay to the developer

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why you need extension ? use Web component in kodular

i am already using supa base with web component


I will surely try it out
And try to make Extensions

If you have problem with Firebase then Feel free to express…

& As Per I know Supabase have some problems with their database. I can’t mention the faults here because I don’t make any negative results.

I think supabase has a lot of potential, but Firebase has tons of resources that supabase doesn’t.
Specially as the app is growing and the app needs more functionalities.

I read that supabase has some advantages for some cases, but I didn’t even understand them :joy:
Probably only more professional devs or people with more complex projects can see it.

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Yes, They have a good potential. Their Cloud servers are too weak than firebase etc etc. So I think they have to improve them. Otherwise it will be a good comparison.

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Exactly. I think competition is always good. And nowadays Firebase has very few competitors, most of them don’t even come close.
I hope alternatives like supabase and others, specially the open source ones, become each day.stronger and can rival with Firebase in the future

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You are not selling anything. So your category should be #discuss

The creator of topic want a extension and topic was already in correct #marketplace:request category



#discuss category is not good for request extensions

#request category was correct.

maybe i am wrong :sweat_smile:


Her half post is question and half post for extension request. And her post title also like #discuss

If he tries to ask for an extension, he should add “Extension request” in title

Maybe i am also wrong :rofl:

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Yes, You are right @Avijit. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

What a chugli??