Bizarre error when creating rows in google spreadsheet

I’m uploading rows (Create from CRUD) into a google spreadsheet with appscript.
The lines are uploaded correctly. But when any of the data contains two or more words separated by space, the entire line is not loaded. Example:
“EmpireState” is OK
“Empire State” = NoOK!

The error message is: “400 That´s an error. Your customer has issued a malformed or illegal request”

I’ve tested several different scripts, several tutorials, several extensions (GSAI2 and GSheet) and the error is always the same in all of them.
I used Chrome and Firefox, another notebook, different smartphones (Moto G1, moto g2, moto g3, sansung) and the error continues.
I also created and started new account on kodular and the error continues.
I can read data and lines perfectly with more than two words. But I can’t write them in the spreadsheet.
Can you help me?

My script is:

function doGet(e) {
return ManageSheet(e);
function doPost(e) {
return ManageSheet(e);
function ManageSheet(e) {

//Create a new line

if (e.parameter.func == “Create”) {
var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActive();
var sh = ss.getSheets()[0];
var data = e.parameter.nome,, e.parameter.celular, e.parameter.valor, e.parameter.duracao, e.parameter.detalhes, e.parameter.quantidade];


return ContentService.createTextOutput(data);


While uploading or making the text boxes into a list just use
Replace the space with %20%

Done! I used Decoding.URi block !

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