Black parts of the webviewer

In my application I use web viewer in order to show the image via firebase and if needed, the use can zoom to image.
But there is black parts between the border of the web viewer and the image.

How can I get rid of these black parts?

Are there any other methods to show and zoomable the image in my application.
Waiting for your advices.
ListWiev.aia (240.8 KB)

Set webviewer height and width as Fill Parent. Or if this is happening with this set up, check setting up as Auto.

In my applicationi I use min Android version as Android 4.
I tried my apps in my two mobile phone.
One is Samsung A7 2016 and the other is LeTV Leeco X620.

In the screen of X620, the pics are whole and the presenttion is great.
But the screen of the Samsung is differens, the pics are not whole.

please, help me.
Regards. İrfan.

ListWiev.aia (246.8 KB)

because the size of Pics you settled in pixle. Always try to set images size in percent…

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Set the image sizing as fill to parent or as auto.

I use web viewer and I set its dimension as Full parent. So I think that is not the cause of problem

Is The full parent mode not enough ?

This one has probably low android version and can’t handle multiple scrollable views



The faulty screen has the Android 7.
The right screen has Android 6.

I mean, the situation is opposite :slight_smile: :confused:

But you have this


How can I fix it ?

Each and every android version handles this differently

Unfortunately no clue


instead of set size as fill parent set size in percent. Because i always set size in percent & never get such issues in any version .

Hi Friends,
In my application, I use webviewer.
if I open the screen in 5.5" screen, it seems good,
but if I open is in 6,4" screen (in another device), it has black regions and these regions seems bad.

How Can I standardise it for every device ??
I tried many things but I can not do it.


Set webview size as fill parent for both Height & Width. 2 if you are using view pager in your app or you are using webview in any arrangement then make sure arrangement background must be transparent or of white colour .

What’s the address of that website?

I fulfill all of your instructions. but unfortunately the problem is not solved. :frowning:

I use Firebase database, I show the picture in database by using webviewer.

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Oops but you can show image using image component also.
Why you used webview


Because, I can not zoom on image when I use image component :frowning: