Block Editor : a way to jump on given pattern?

Hi Koders !

I have many professional applications having tons of blocks ; even on a 34 inch screen and low scaling of characters, I need to scroll up and down, right to left, to find some parts of the code.

Everything is well stored ; however it take time to locate some part of the code (for example : variables, or procedure, or component)

Using the regular CTRL+F in the browser, it just highlight the pattern but it is not able to jump to the involved part of the code, each after other.

I was testing many Chrome extensions but more or less they have the same behavior.

So, I was wondering about a feature able to locate and jump inside all the blocks to find a given pattern ; a bit like these buttons at bottom left to locate and jump to errors.

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I am always curious if user have “a ton of blocks” how many blocks are we talking about.

When i have a large number of blocks i always zoom out of the blocks and then zoom in on the part i need.


Ok @Peter, you got another method. I always have the same zoom, but my method is, that I clean up all my blocks in one row, then scroll down or up.


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But there order is changed when we clean up blocks
Then How to deal with that problem It will make it more difficult to find out a code/block

Hi Peter…

tons of blocks :slight_smile:

and believe me, it is not about code optimization ; all reusable code is in functions and there is no redundancy

We need something like this :


It will me everybody save time !!!



It’s not a bad idea. It would also be good if you could create folders, name them, and put in the blocks you need.
Instead of using many screens, I use vertical arrangements that I show or hide. If you could create folders, you could create a folder for each screen and put the code inside. And you’d be using one screen.

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agreed. something like this would be helpful

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Honestly this feature in editor will save tons of time for developers !

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