Bluetoooth client component not working

i had tried everything but bluetooth client not connecting let anyonde show me how to arrrange blocks for bluetooth client component

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all is well here now say the result u need

atleast i need to connect my bluetooth headphone via kodular app help me you too try this block bluetooth client component not working

add a label
do like this

it’s fine did u turn on bluetooth

does the label say connected

no its resulting 507 error jost try yourself in sample project

what blocks u used totally send them

seee above only that

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You used it wrong. Please use it like:

got it u need to

ill check wa8

i understood first add bluetooth admin,bluetooth client
then these blocks will work

This is for the bluetooth client that haven’t paired. But the list must included the client that haven’t paired.

If using bluetooth client’s “Addressess And Names”, it won’t display the client that haven’t paired.

yes i will change and post till work on

nope not working

yes i will change

nope not working yes

What wrong??
i am sure it will work here