Bug In Sharing Component!

Before Update Sharing Component Work But now Not Working Now i am Using Taifun Sharing Extensions .

Have you granted the right permissions?

Do I Set Manual Permission Block ?

We have nothing changed at this component…
And next time you should tell what is not working exactly… but you didnt provide anything


sharing component work at design time (companion) not work at runtime (apk).

@dhinchakblog, thank you for remembering me on taifun sharing. i didn’t notice if it not work at runtime before :+1::sparkles:

Hello @Mika, I think @dhinchakblog is right because I also have same problem. I have one QR app (Version 1.0.2) in this app sharing component is working correctly but now I am updating qr app (Version 1.0.3) in this app sharing component is not working.
I found this post and import Taifun sharing extension, now it working fine.

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The bug is already known and fixed for next release…

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When you are planning to release next update

I think it fixed because it is now working in my app.

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Check bugs in kodular eagle topic

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