BUG Multiple Web viewers

Description of the issue:

If kodular app will contain more than one web viewer component, the upload function in web viewers won’t work anymore. Having one web viewer, it is possible to attach any file to any internet page, just simply choose file in android and it will attached right. However, if the app contains several web viewers, after selecting an upload attachment, the app will crash when trying returning to the app screen.

Steps to reproduce the issue: use more than one web viewer component, go to internet page, where you can upload files, try to upload file from android–>crash

Expected Behaviour: web viewer callback after file selection can’t solve apps with several web viewers (code error in web viewer namings??)

Android version: Any

Please show some screenshots of errors…

It doesnt make sense at all to use many webviewers…
Just use one.

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Here are two test cases, the crash comes without error, so it is collapsing hard.
WebViewer_one_working.apk (4.7 MB) WebViewer_two_full_crash.apk (4.7 MB)

I prefer to swipe between two web viewers, otherwise the app can’t been used so efficiently.


You can change URL while swipe of a particular webview… so better use one webview…

Thanks for fast replies. Hopefully bug could be fixed in future releases.