Bug on WriteExternalStorage Permission - Not Working

hi @bodymindpower your GET ASD extension still works normally after version 1.5.5?

How about trying it out?

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where i can find DeclareReadWrite component??

hi @bodymindpower, when i use the DeclareReadWrite1 extension i need to edit the manifest too?

most probably not…
please read the documentation Error 908: The permission WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE / bug - Extensions - MIT App Inventor Community test on your devices and let us know what you find out

PS: Anke is in deep meditation and will most probably not answer your question anymore here in this community…


But still we need to use this extension even @Kodular recently fixed permission issue ?

May be she is unhappy with the kodular co-founder and i know the reason why.

Hey Dear Kodular and Koders.
Please solve error 908
My project is useless because of this error.
My Premium Plan is also expiring with no advantage to me.

Thanks Taifun for ur answer

Taifun, please…

I’m facing this problem with my app.

Right after installing, when the app asks the user “Allow to access photos and media on your device?”, and the user clicks ANYWHERE ON THE SCREEN (not just the allow or not allow buttons), the app crashes and restarts.

The next time I try to open it, it opens and closes right away.

Do you have any hints as to what might be going on?

I use android 11

Use logcat to find out what is going on …


Thanks so much. I´ll try this

Hi Taifun,

After a few days I will finally be able to work on the app to try to fix the error.

I did the “installation” of adb as instructed, but the device does not appear in the dos list

the usb debug is enabled, and I believe that the device driver is ok too (I don’t know how to check this, but I believe it is ok because I can transfer data between the notebook and the smartphone).

Just to let you know, the app compiles normally before the last kodular update.

But after the update, once again problems arose (I don’t know if for everyone).

The first image below is for you to see the “installation” of adb, and the second shows that the driver must be ok.

In the third image is the adb working.

What could be wrong?

Thank you in advance for your attention.



From the documentation

you need to use a USB cable and enable debugging on your device. Follow instruction HERE for enabling USB debug.


Yup. I did it. But maybe I did something wrong. I don’t believe it, but it’s possible. I will try again. Tnx