Builder lag with companion?

I have not idea, but when i do live test with the companion the builder just starts lagging. anyone does have any solution?

Don’t live test.

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@David I have been using Makeroid Builder and doing live tests almost all the time. But I have never faced such an issue. May I know which browser you use to use the Builder .

It also depends on how many blocks you may have, but testing with the Companion because, of loading time is sometimes also the issue.

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same here.lagging load,lagging work.

how many blocks do you have in each of the screens?
are you using loads of large images?

i use only 1 image and few blocks and used chrome browser latest version and companion latest version too

close all unnecessary programs on your computer, restart the browser and us as few tabs as possible

same to here. too much lag.can’t comportable for work.

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i just open only one tap :pensive: maybe fix in later :roll_eyes:

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I Think They Can Help You All @Kodular @Mika

I am also facing after sometime of using builder too much lag… 5 to 10 seconds for drop something my net speed is 10 to 20 mbps with 8 gb ram, google chrome with no tabs open… any solution

This is marked as a bug and developers are working to fix it!