Call data from Airtable by get start value

I have retrieved all the USER data, but I am not able to get the data of each USER.

Screenshot 2023-05-03 211912

once you get all data from airtable, then you no need to use, get column function… just use dictionay block to get the filtered data…

Or you can use filterbyformula to get selected data alone

Do you have any block as an example?

already answered in community.

ref How to Replace Airtable API with Personal Access token? - #32 by Still-learning

It doesn’t seem to fit what I need.

quite surprise… you wanna filter the datas base on certain value like 111, then filterbyformula will do good.

as i said earlier, this is just an option… else you have to get all data then filter by using if then else block along with loical block

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That’s just what I needed, but I tried everything but couldn’t filter that data.
Hope you can help me in more detail.

in this post add the bearer, token, url as below and test<add_your_base_ID>/<add_your_table_Name>?filterByFormula={LICHSU}="111"

for testing in browser, use base id, api key, table name, colum name, and value in this below url and feel the magic…{LICHSU}="111"

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