Call data from firebase to Dynamic CardView

I know this was posted before in the community but that didn’t solve my problem or I didn’t understand how that works.
I want to add this datas in a dynamic cardview. Please help me with the blocks. :disappointed_relieved::cry::weary:

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What is the problem? Getting data from firebase or creating dynamic labels ?

For getting data from firebase the easiest way is use web component. Set url to


and use dictionary blocks to populate lists with the help of [Free] Json To Dictionary Extension

Try this

data.aia (43.4 KB)

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I want to get tags and values of the tags from each bucket and show each buckets tags and values into each Dynamic CardView ( Dynamic image, Dynamic Labels)

Have you tried aia ?

That works. Thanks a lot. Love you so much :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart: :heart:
You made my day. Thank you for your kind attention & everything you done for me. :wilted_flower:

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