Can I use different ad network at same time?

Like if my main ads from Facebook then if facebook can’t fill my ads can I load other network ads on it ?

And can I use Facebook banner ads with admob interstitial?

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Simple Answer Yes!


Facebook will not ban my account right?

yes you can I also did in one of my app. Both works fine if you use when facebook ads failed to load then load admob ads. I tried it for my admob and facebook as a alternative.


Yes ,but in actuality there is 3 ad network like kodular also include unity ads so that’s why I asked question

I want use Facebook as main ads and unity as backup so kodular will charge double commission or commission will take only for Facebook?

what commission calculator says?


I merged your topics since they are related.

That app only shows one ad network to select but my question is if we use two or more ad network
Commission apply for one ad network or it’ll take all other adnetwok as well? ?

Just be patient.

Sorry sir I was just editing my question

They charge from interstitial ads only, be it of Facebook or admob. If you are using interstitial of both companies, commission of both will be charged.

Wouyld you please share blocks? since it is not working for me. My both banners are showing together. What to do?
Here are my blocks showing connectivity between both networks, rest are as usual so, not showing:- blocks