Can i add this ads blocks in my app?

i just wanaa know is it ok if admob failed to show then show facebook ads. Bcj i saw in many apps they show different Interstitial ads . first i saw admob then after seconds facebook Interstitial ads show . And i know we use two different ad network in one app. This is only for test purpose.

Have you tried something?

i tried but in my case admob ads show that mean 100% fill rate .

Where you tried?
I mean in Companion or Apk.

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apk if user have more than 1k+ then possible to see difference. bcj in my case admob fill 100% fill rate .

It means your app is on Play Store.
You are free to use Ads unless it is harmful for Kodular.
Looks like you want to make money in less time.

hahah no i just wanaa 100% fill rate in my app is not bad i think like 50% fill rate from admob and 50% fill rate from facebook i just wanaa know is it ok to do ? if admob failed to show then show facebook

Yes you can do this by doing everything dynamic.
Use firebase for this :slight_smile:

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What about:
If admob fail to load add
Call Facebook ad


i not tried this

Easiest method .

i think its okay, but You Need to use Failed to Load Dailouge, not failed to show, because if its failed to load from admob then its use facebook ads,

But what if ad loaded and failed to show?
I think @Shona_Creations you should use all blocks of ads like ad failed to show and ad failed to load.

ya i also think like this

When Button click ad show ,
When ad failed to load then show facebook,
When ad failed to show then show facebook.

Then close this topic with a satisfying solution.

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