Can kodular closure occur in the future?

Hello brothers, I want to make a app and I am thinking of running it for 2-3 years, and if it is tied in kodular,So can I have a malfunction in my app due to this?
“Sorry for bad English but try to understand”

The only reason that your app may “malfunction” is because there is an error inside it or because Google changes their demands. And both will surely happen. So running an app without doing anything with it for 2-3 years is not realistic.


My English is weak, can you please explain me in Hindi language?

I’ve been running an app on Google Play online for a year, built with Appybuilder. Except for an update of the privacy policy on my homepage, I did not have to change anything and it is still running flawlessly.

ANd please understand, that this is an English speaking community. Your English is not that bad, keep on!

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Thank u so much bro​:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::+1::+1:

That’s true. But if Google changes anything for instance your app has to has to be build for a higher API you have to rebuild it although it is working flawlessly.


What if my app is not in the Play Store?

That is absolutely right. But his question, if I read it correctly, referred to codular. That once the app is an .apk, it does not matter what Codular does in two years.

Two years can be overlooked, I think even in Googles developing policies

If you look into the past, how things have developed so far, then you can assume that a currently created app will still work in two or three years.

I’m not sure what your question is about. A .apk runs even when Codular turns into a meteorology center, as Peter had already suggested with his app from August.

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Yes brother you understand me, my main question is whether kodular can control my app even after exporting??

ok this is something I don’t know.

But I’m pretty sure Kodular would communicate that openly. They are already doing this at the Commission principals for ads and in the about-screen, where you can not turn off the mentioning of Kodular.

I consider Kodular to be honest in this matter.

i can hardly understand your answer as I am from a very small village where only farming is done, :relaxed:but you helped a lot so thank you

Then where will I get the answer?:joy:

Sometimes I use Google Translate and via copy&paste I post it here. Simple and a common way.

No they can not.

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In my opinion, he meant to ask if it could be that the kodular would close sometime

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