What if Kodular closes?

Hey, what’s up?

I was wondering what would happen to our applications if Kodular decided to shut down.

I guess the normal apk would still be working. But what about the monetized apps?

Could we migrate the monetization to our own accounts or would it be lost?

That’s a question I have with App Inventors.

Thank you :kissing_heart:

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IMO, why you thinking negative points of kodular. its a big platform now i dont think kudlar will shut down. in case if happen when you publish your apk always download SHA1 keystore for backup propose. if your apps viral or lots of active users you can convert your app to android studio and use that SHA1 keystore in android studio app, the same will upload to Play store without any problem.




odular is large community.
There are other alternatives

Might be true

might be working

is that possible?

I think mostly that

Wll app inventor close like a natural disaster

thank you also

How to convert into android studio

Does SHA1 keystore help us?

This is right

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If it isn’t a Natural Disaster,
Then Kodular may announce it before and may give some time to take backups…

I have these questions:

What if Google shut downs
What if Internet shut downs


I don’t think negatively about Kodular, I find it an incredible platform. But it could happen like it did with Block2Code which has closed down.

Block2Code did you see what happened? I don’t think there has been a natural disaster but its users have had to look for what to do to migrate their projects.

I was just wondering what would happen with the monetization. If there would be a way to export the project somewhere else? (In the face of a natural disaster as they say) :laughing:

God willing Kodular will exist forever

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Kodular tries its best to keep your projects and information safe…
But it is always recommended to take backups of your projects frequently
And also store your keystore in a safe place…


True Talk.

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