Can't download or export my app!

I’m trying to export my app but it’s not working!
when i click on ‘’ Generate QR code for app ‘’ it shows me the message which says ‘’ Saved project at Feb 21, 2019, 2:00:56 PM ‘’.

Can someone help me please ?

Please wait, Kodular needs to save the project before exporting like in almost any softwares. Also did you tried to download APK file? Also make sure you are using stable and fast connection.

Try clearing cookies and cache of your browser and try again and also use a good network

And you don’t get any error?
Do you have any extension in your browser which can cause popup not to appear?


I’ve waited too long, it didn’t change anything!
i have a very fast connection. btw. i tried everything to export it but it is not working!

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Did you?

And if yes then try disabling your every third party extension running on browser and also check if it is wrong only with chrome or even on any other browser like firefox

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i tried to do it since two days and it was working. i only have adblock’s extencion in my Browser idk if this can be the reason?

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Try to use different browser bro

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Try to disable it and see what happens.

Btw, how big is your project?


Did you use firebase Auth?

yes i did
and i tried this on Firefox and on my phone and it shows me the same message

Is this problem is limited to your this particular app or you cannot even export any of your kodular project

For us to stop guessing what’s wrong with your app, ask and share your aia with someone if he/she can take a look at it.