Cant get data from airtable

I am trying this from hours now! (5-6hours) :face_with_thermometer:
So i wanted to get my firebase database url and token from airtable ,
So i saved them in airtable and called them through codes , it was working for a while but after some time it got rigged idk what happened what i know is i am soo much tensed RN , My app is related with cloud mining . everything was good to go Now this new BS has arrived . Kindly help me out ploxx !
Plus i have tried everything like deleting page , making new page , recreating airtable database ,checked all api , base id , table name ! I have checked every little thing !

111 22222222222 3333

So you’re confident that the issue is with Airtable and not with Firebase? Did you check if the specified firebase URL is correct?

Re : After taking a look at blocks I found an issue! You’re calling same columns twice on screen initialization.

Yes !
I have checked Firebase url ND token ! Every thing is correct … when i directly call firebase database through database extension everything goes well but when i try it with airtable it doesnt work

But if that is the issue why it works well with firebase db Extension !
all columns i have called are only called once , u may see it confusing as i have copied my old screen twice while tring to solve this issue :confused:

Airtable does not work the same way as Firebase. Use variables to store data using a swich or use two Airtable components to call both column at once.

Let me clarify it with blocks. Allow a few moments.



DB structure for method 1 & 2


DB structure for method 3

Hope it helps. :smiley:

Still same errors bruh-(

You can send a demo aia.

I got it finally after 8 hours !
Make new airtable account
Link that to kodular
Then it worked!
Thanks for your time buddy @asimjib93
Always appreciated :blush:

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