Can't publish educational app made for kids in kodular?

I have made an educational app for kids. I was unable to upload it on playstore due to family policy violation. So I remove all ads from this app still my app is rejected because kodular use starapp sdk which is not certified ad sdk.
So It is clear that I can’t upload it on play store. So is there no option to make app for kids in kodular ? if anybody knows more about please help. Because I spent much more time on this project. Community members helped me to solve my queries. And now its all my work is wasted. Because its apk file also not installed in other user’s mobile with parse error.

remove startapp ads and use some other?

I didn’t use it. It is used by kodular. And there is no option to remove it.

then maybe let kodular staff answer @Kodular

Yes, Thank you for reply.

I think @Kodular staff take this topic as a most important. And replace startapp ads sdk with another ads privider.But I’ve same problem with my app which is made for kids.

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the number of people facing the same problem as me is increasing. maybe someone from @Kodular will say something for example “We know the issue, we r working on it”. Actually I stopped making apps just because of this and I come and look around here everyday if there is any progress about this startapp issue.

Please guys, do something. Lets earn money again together.