Google Play removed Startapp SDK from family program

I got warning emails for all of apps(which I designed in kodular) in google play today. all of them are for children. Google says like this:

“About the Families Certified Ad SDK requirements
The Startapp SDK is no longer part of the Families certified ad SDK program and will no longer be approved for use in apps designed specifically for children or apps that target children or users of unknown age. You may need to make appropriate changes to your app and, where necessary, remove the non-certified ad SDK.”

**I am using admob banner in my apps. I never used StartApp banners. What should I do to prevent my apps being removed from google play? Please help me about this? How can I remove Startapp SDK from my apps?

It gives me 30 days to remove startapp SDK from my apps

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If I’m not mistaken that’s Kodular commission.


Probably that is getting bundled even when the user didn’t use that.

I have no problem with commission but if startapp sdk is banned from google family program than it means kodular will stop earning money from apps which are on family program.

I dont think that I am the only one coding apps for children here.

there must be a solution, please someone help me.

I mean the easiest solution would be to only use SDKs the app needs (determined at build), but App Inventor doesn’t have that implemented.

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Issue confirmed by startapp
Will kodular do something about this?
This mean kodular will loose money if its continue to use startapp sdk for the apps designed for kids.

I’m in the same situation, just got a message from Google Play where they say: Please resolve the issue within 30 days of the issuance of this notification or your app will be removed from Google Play.
I was certain this has to be a mistake because my app does only uses admob ad component. But some how my app is using Startapp component. ¿?
Need help about this please!

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Simple solution is make it 16+ age rating in play console this is only a way to do.

All of my apps for children preschool and primary school, educational apps. I cant rate them +16, google dont accept that I think.

But you can’t do anything else. Rate them 16+ and add some tags it for which include the app for preschool. Google play store will approve the your app and if you don’t want to do this then remove your ads from your app simple. Their are less quality of user in kodular who make app for kids. I don’t think kodular will remove thier commission for you. Now only kodular will tell us what is the real solution to fix this.

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What if I rate them +16 and google realize that they are actually for preschool kids? One app’s name is Preschool English Vocabulary. And if the startapp sdk is not showing suitable adds for kids I cant get that risk not for being banned but for doing the right things for kids you know.

This could be a temporary solution to it…

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As I understand no one from the staff will answer this. I am removing ads from my apps until kodular will find a solution to this. Maybe I will try or In-app billing or something else. My apps are actively being used almost over 10.000 user, I passed 50.000 downloads in google play. What a pitty I cant earn money from them and kodular at the same time.

Update for the subject:

I used for adding ads to my app but google rejected for the same reason (using a sdk which is not part of google family program). Today I will start to remove all ads from my apps. I will try to deal with In-App Billing or start to learn android studio because I like to make apps for children and If you dont make some money however its not much, you cant motivate yourself to go on.

Maybe someday Kodular will make an arrangement for the admob component according do google family program and remove startapp sdk from its own comission for the apps for children and then I can go on earning money from ads and sharing that money with kodular. Thanks guys.

Google Play Remove Startapp Ads Family SDK But Kodular still use its.
How can we do?
My app is for children.
If I pay the remove comission to kodular. will Kodular remove the Startapp ads code from my app or still is it be in app?
Thank you.

Send screenshot

During review, we found that your app contains content that doesn’t comply with the Families certified ad SDK policy requirements . Apps designed specifically for children must use only Google Play certified ad SDKs. All apps that target children or users of unknown age must only use Google Play certified ad SDKs to display ads to those users.

You can read through the Families Policy Requirements and Ads and Monetization policy pages for more details and examples of common violations. Please also review the full list of Google Play certified ad SDKs.

For example, your app currently uses the Startapp SDK , which is no longer part of the Families certified ad SDK program and will no longer be approved for use in apps designed specifically for children or apps that target children or users of unknown age. Please make appropriate changes to your app, and be sure to remove the non-certified ad SDK.

I’m 100% that the SDKs are kept, ads just aren’t intercepted anymore.

So Paying to remove comission is unnecessary. isn’t it?