Cards View are not showing in my app after Draco Update!

Cards View are not showing in my app after Draco Update!
Before Update,Whenever I Test My App It Showing Perfactly, But After Update, Some Card Views Are Perfact And Some Aren’t!
Please Help Me Out!

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Maybe you shoul tell us your real problem and provide some screenshots or else.
How should we now know what’s wrong?!

Bro Upload Screenshot

As You Can See In The Screenshots, Before Update Everything Is Alright But Now I’m Having Some Trouble, Help Me Out!

Maybe you can prepare a aia file and some screenshots of your blocks?
We still can not know what’s wrong with just a image.

you must also attach block’s screenshot

Here Is The Screenshot of Blocks

please check ur card visible or not in designer

All Cards Are Visible Brother

in my app card view visible perfectly

But I Really Don’t Know What’s Happening With It!

clear app data and open it agaim

Okay, Let Me Try It!

I’m also facing this same issue

I m 100% Sure That If Your Cards Are Under Vertical or Horizontal Arrangement, Then Your Cards We be Not Show Up1
Am I Right @earninguru67 ?

Try placing the card view in vertical scroll component.

If you still get error say me !

What u should do if he can get error again??

Still Getting The Same Error Brother, Please Help Me Out! @aravind_chowdary_in

The solution to this is very simple.
In the field of elevation set to 2 that will work, because after the update the cards no longer accept the number 100 as elevation so it is giving error. Hope this helps.

Yes @Lelles , Thank You So Much For Helping Me Out Of It :pray::pray::pray: