CardView Extension

How to use

Simply use Create function, just pass horizontal, vertical, horizontal scroll or vertical scroll arrangement, in which you want to add card, within “arrangement” argument and pass any visible component (component or a layout arrangement, anything) into “component” argument. That’s it!



Can this be implemented to Makeroid?

I made this extension for all distributions, not for Makeroid. So I would say no, I never make extensions just for specific App Inventor clone.

Why can’t you just use extensions? If extensions do the job you want, use the extension…

We’ve got enough work as it is, we don’t have time to keep creating so many new component especially when it’s already possible.


Hello, I tried your extension
I found that I have to create one arrangement for every component I want to display as a card?
First, I tried adding a label in the card, and it worked just fine.

Then, I tried setting new width and height for the card and this error occurred:

If I want to add an image, maybe I should prepare an arrangement with an image and a label and place that arrangement as a component. This is the result:

Then, I tried setting new width and height and this error occurred:

Maybe it wasn’t easy after all, or maybe I have to wait for the documentation

You asked same question in Thunkable Community, you may take a look there. It just hard of handling and knowing whether view is parent, child or parent’s parent


Are you using a lib or how do you do it?

I’m not sure but for a library is the extension size to small.
Maybe in any other way.

Mabye @Ben can answer this better.

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I actually just made a custom View subclass.


Hi. I am sharing a simple AIA to help who is having trouble with this extension.
CardView_Fabio_makeroid.aia (23,0 KB)


hi How can I get data from 3 different coloumbs of airtable and display them in card view

Thats not your post, make a new one.

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