Chat App with Firebase OTP authentication

I am using Firebase Authentication component to verify phone numbers to make a Chat app. But the problem is my Login is Failing again and again even after testing on .apk.
The Blocks if see any errors please inform -

Your image can not be viewed. Provide a better one. I unlist this for now.

It would be easier if you had followed this guide

Just a tip for next time.

This is the pic i got when i followed your guide

I deleted all you other posts now you posted the correct image.


The Screenshot of Error and the phone number I am trying is also correct.

uhm… Did you find the error ?

I never used Firebase so you just have to be patient. Did you search the community before asking? We have a lot of related questions i think.

Sorry @Peter

Have you set up your backend correctly?
Have you uploaded your keystore to Firebase app config?

Please, for your safety don’t post any aia or blocks with you firebase data …

I removed the aia for safety reasons. Thank you @bestprintsf

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But did you find any error ?

Can you find your phone no. in your firebase console?